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Our pomegranate seed oil is a real specialty. It is cold-pressed from fresh organic pomegranate seeds, which are cold-pressed in the mill. Because only half a liter of oil can be obtained from 100 kg of pomegranate. Therefore, the light yellow pomegranate seed oil with a nut flavor can be called a rare product. It is a rare product for gourmets and everyone who wants to use this valuable natural product to do something good for the skin.

The punicic acid contained in the oil is also rare. It is named after the botanical name pomegranate (Punica granatum), which belongs to omega-5 fatty acids and is only found in very few oils. Pomegranate seed oil contains about 85 grams of punicic acid per 100 grams. It is especially recommended to use this polyunsaturated fatty acid for skin care.

The increasing demand for this special oil led to extensive further development both in cultivation and in the production of the raw material.
Pomegranate seed oil is an important raw material in cosmetics today and is used in a large number of care series and care products.


The cold pressing retains all the valuable ingredients in the fig seed oil. Fig seed oil is free of additives and preservatives. We use organic, 100% pure and cold-pressed fig seed oil to ensure excellent results with regular use.

Characteristic properties

  • Vegan
  • lactose free
  • Gluten free


Cosmetics: Ideally suited as a face, hair and beard oil Can be used for various cosmetic articles, for example for shampoos, hair masks, body lotion also usable for care products, e.g. as a lip care product or nail care u.v.m

Pharma: Proven remedy for internal and external use External use for the treatment of age spots and scars Help with neurodermatitis v.m

Food industry: Used as cooking oil.

Veterinary / animal nutrition / animal care: Fig seed oil is used in animal care usable as care products a nicer coat. technology Ideally suited as a lubricant.


Cold-pressed olive oil of the first quality.
Premium quality from Turkey from the producer directly to the consumer:

- Grade 1 A
- extra virgin / natural
- Import and distribution in
- Free home delivery
- on annual order

Our olive oil is characterized by its extreme freshness, both in terms of taste and smell, as well as optically: it glows green-yellow, smells and tastes intensely of the fresh and healthy olives from which it is obtained.

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